From strategy to successful implementation?

With Vision Esta's Balanced Scorecard software your organisation is ready for the future.

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1. Create your strategy map

You want insight into your organisation's strategy. Define your mission and vision and make a strategy map which you can easily share with all team members.

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2. Plan SMART goals and actions

Convert your strategy to operational goals and actions. Make goals and actions SMART so that everyone knows what has to happen.

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3. Mobilise your organisation

Link employees, teams and departments to goals and actions and mobilise your organisation to work purposefully. Achieve more employee engagement by actually delegating responsibility and receiving periodic feedback about the objective's progress?
With a few clicks you can see which objectives need adjusting.

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4. Measure performance and adjust

VisionEsta's performance management software gives insight into the performance of the goals at each level of the organisation. See at a glance where adjustment is necessary and make your strategy a success.

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