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VisionEsta is the application that brings your strategy to life. The easy-to-use KPI dashboard is web-based. That means it is accessible at any moment, from anywhere you choose, and on any device. Strategic management is always within reach. VisionEsta is closing the gap between strategy and execution.

The strategy map supports the Mission & Vision statements of your business or organisation, and gives deep insight into how value is created. At a glance you can see your strategy linked to clearly defined and realistic goals. By creating SMART goals you ensure they are specific and measurable. You can keep a close eye on progress and determine which goals need extra attention, and which are right on schedule. The charts and tables provide an insight into the achieved and expected results.

On the individual level, employees have their own dashboard containing personalised goals, action items and messages; allowing them to monitor their own contribution to the strategic plan.


A clear and well-thought-out planning is essential for the successful execution of a strategy. When does a certain activity start or end? Is progress acceptable or is a stimulus required? The Gantt Chart provides you with this knowledge, letting you and everyone else know what’s the required course of action. This makes the planning tool provided by the VisionEsta business software also highly suitable for project management.

Employee engagement

The exchange of knowledge within an organisation is of crucial importance for achieving the best results. VisionEsta gives employees the tools to communicate ideas and share information to effectively achieve goals. Greater engagement by everyone connected to the plan, results in a more achievable strategy.

Whitepaper: Make your Stategic Plan

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